Abbott Laboratories – A Triple Comparison With Medtronic And Becton Dickinson

Abbott Laboratories – A Triple Comparison With Medtronic And Becton Dickinson


Over the past several weeks, I was looking at medical devices companies. I analyzed both Medtronic and Becton Dickinson.

Personally, I found Medtronic to be more suitable for my dividend growth portfolio, and I bought some more shares during December.

In this article, I am willing to add Abbot Laboratories to the comparison in order to choose the most suitable stock for me among these three.


Over the past several weeks I have been looking at the healthcare sector. I was looking at the medical devices segment in particular. At the moment I like this segment more than the pharmaceuticals segment. I have been analyzing both Becton Dickinson (NYSE:BDX), and Medtronic (NYSE:MDT). In my analysis for Medtronic, I also compared it to BDX, and I found MDT to be more attractive at the moment.

In this article, I am going to add another company to the comparison. I will analyze Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT), and compare it to Medtronic and Becton Dickinson. I will try to choose between the three, and to find which one is most suitable for me. I hope that my analysis will help you determine which one is most suitable to you, according to your preferences. I will use the same method I used to analyze BDX and MDT, and it is the same method I use to analyze every stock for the past several years.

Abbott Laboratories manufactures and sells health care products worldwide. The company¬í has several segments: established pharmaceutical products, diagnostic products, nutritional products, and cardiovascular products. It serves retailers, wholesalers, hospitals, health care facilities, laboratories, physicians’ offices, and government agencies.

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