B Communications – Another Investment Opportunity Emerges

B Communications – Another Investment Opportunity Emerges


Over the past two years, I covered the stock extensively. During that time, the stock price has doubled, and there is still more room to grow.

BCOM has been pressured heavily by the Israeli regulators. However, the Israeli government has passed the budget for the next two years, and the reforms are manageable.

As I explained before, PM Netanyahu favors Bezeq’s owner, and the media says that he personally helped him to limit competition and regulation.


I have been covering the stocks of B Communications (NASDAQ:BCOM) and Internet Gold (NASDAQ:IGLD) over the past two years. During that time, I published several articles regarding these companies. I am a great fan of the two, and have owned BCOM for years. They are two little companies, that due to their small size and low trading volume stay unnoticed by most investors.

Before you read this article, I highly recommend that you read the previous articles that I wrote about BCOM and IGLD. This article will analyze two major events that I believe will unlock value to investors. At the same time, I won’t be able to repeat all the information I provided in the other article.

There are two main reasons for investment in BCOM. The first one is the difference between the NAV and the market cap, which will grow rapidly as BCOM keeps paying its debt. The second one is the growth of Bezeq – BCOM’s asset, that will benefit massively from two main catalysts, which will be covered here.

In this article, I will explain the structure of Bezeq, BCOM and IGLD. Then I will explain the reasons for the weakness in the stock price. Afterwards, I will analyze the two catalysts that will unlock value for Bezeq and therefore BCOM, and I will finish with an analysis of BCOM’s current debt situation.

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