My Dividend Growth Portfolio – Q4 2016 Summary

My Dividend Growth Portfolio – Q4 2016 Summary


In 2015 I started publishing quarterly updates regarding my dividend growth portfolio.

I believe that someone who writes about financial assets should expose their main holdings to his readers.

In this article, I will share my portfolio, changes in the past 3 months and stocks that are currently on my wish list.


Wow, what an interesting year 2016 was. So volatile, and yet ended with significant gains for American investors. Personally my portfolio had achieved a total return of 17.25%, which I find to be fabulous. Moreover, I find it more important that my dividend income rose by over 20%. It happened because I kept investing my excess cash in the stock market. I am excited to keep executing my plan, and looking forward to keep doing so in 2017.

Let’s now take a look at what we had in 2016. So many interesting events made some of the earlier ones look like they happened decades ago. At the beginning of the year investors were worried about the Chinese economy, later in June they were worried about the United Kingdom and the vote in favor of leaving the European Union. We were also surprised by the outcome of the U.S elections, when Donald Trump was elected. In the meantime the Fed raised the interest rate, and the United States and Russia were busy blaming each other about the situation in Syria.

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